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Quality Assurance management at DF is designed to guarantee that the group's own requirements are established, implemented and supervised. The system is constantly reviewed, updated and improved to meet the requirements of our customers and the legal demands of the countries where the group carries out its projects.

Quality Management and Control systems started being developed and implemented at the company during the 1970's. We still maintain many of those certificates today (ASME stamps N, U, U2, R, S and A, PECAL, SQL, AD-Merkblatter Quality Control Systems, etc.), transferring a whole culture of quality assurance onto the new lines of the group's business. We currently maintain our own quality assurance management system certificate ISO: 9001 backed by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

DF has quality assurance personnel specialised by disciplines (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, Quality Management) who come from the different lines of the group's business as well as from multinationals and internationally renowned industrial inspection companies. This enriches our vision and coverage allowing us to manage the quality of all our projects to satisfactory levels.

Continuous collaboration with the main inspection agencies that operate in the sector guarantees our quality assurance management methods on an international level.

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